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Girl at the dental clinic smiling

We work hard all through our lives to take care of our teeth and keep our smiles shining by brushing and flossing according to our dentist’s orders. Sometimes our habits can get in the way and damage our teeth, such as the acidic ingredients in soda pop, the abrasiveness of foods, or the damage of cigarette smoke.

Self-conscious smilers don’t have to worry anymore, though, with the wonderful benefits of the Zoom whitening process now available for all.

Zoom Whitening Is Quick

Worried about booking days off from work or having to spread a treatment plan over weeks or months? Zoom whitening solves all of these fears with its quick and easy procedure times.

Comprising of three 15-minute sessions of peroxide gel and UV lighting, the Zoom whitening process can take as little as an hour to complete and have you back to work or school quickly with a brighter smile.

Zoom Whitening Is Affordable

Unlike other whitening procedures and surgeries that can cost you up to $1,000 and force you to put off treatment, Zoom whitening uses the most advanced and efficient procedures to keep the costs down.

Although it can differ from state to state and because of how much insurance coverage a person has, the average Zoom whitening procedure costs clients around $500.

This price also includes the whitening tray for aftercare which will prolong the results and delay the need for another procedure.

Zoom Whitening Is Long-Lasting

Walking out of a dentist’s office with a bright smile is a relatively easy task, but Zoom whitening succeeds because, if properly maintained by the client afterward, its effects can last for years to come.

Once the procedure is completed, clients are given a dental care set designed to clean and maintain their whitened teeth from the common damages of everyday life.

With proper care and attention to what you eat, your Zoom whitening results can keep you smiling and confident for up to two years!

Having a smile you can be proud of is one of the greatest ways to boost your confidence, so let us help you do just that today! Give our dental experts a call today at 208-376-7721 or visit us online to see our wide selection of dental treatments and procedures.

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